Snowden delivers a comprehensive range of technical consulting services and independent advice to exploration and mining companies, as well as legal and financial institutions with interests in the mining sector.

Snowden’s services include geology and exploration, mine planning, corporate services, performance management, risk management, benchmarking, mineral processing, extractive metallurgy and specialised mining software.

Snowden uses a multi-disciplinary approach, teaming up geologists, mining engineers, and IT developers and analysts to produce fully integrated solutions for clients. As independent consultants Snowden is familiar with all the major mining packages, working with clients on projects ranging from exploration and resource evaluation, metallurgy, mine planning and optimisation, to mine data management and reconciliation.

Snowden’s areas of expertise cover both open pit and underground mining operations for the majority of mineral commodities. These include gold, platinum group elements, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, diamonds, iron ore, mineral sands, coal and others such as tin, bauxite, spodumene, industrial minerals and lithium carbonate.

Snowden strives to deliver high-quality solutions and all work is subject to stringent quality control and ongoing review by experienced project managers. The company is expert at assembling, analysing and evaluating data from exploration projects and operating mines.

Through an international calendar of technical professional development courses and mentoring, the knowledge and practical expertise of our consultants is shared with industry colleagues.

Snowden is well positioned to respond quickly and effectively to on site demands through a network of worldwide offices, ensuring efficient global solutions delivered locally.