Stan Bharti, is Member of Board of Directors of Silver Bear Resources and Chairman & CEO of Forbes and Manhattan Group of Companies, which specialises in investments in the natural resource sector. Mr. Bharti explains why his company decided to make large investments in the development of Mangazeyzsk silver deposit in the Sakha Republic, and also gives assessment of Russia’s investment climate presenting the view of the foreign investor.

Mark Trevisiol, President and CEO, Director of Silver Bear Resources talks about projects that are currently underway in Russia and also presents future plans. He also speaks about the investment climate in Russia giving foreign investor’s point of view.

Randolph Lewis, General Manager, Russian Operations of Silver Bear Resources which plans to invest in the development of Mangazeyzskoe silver deposits in the Sakha Republic. Mr. Lewis explains the secret of company’s success in Russia, and also presents current projects as well as plans for the future.

Kinross Gold Corporation is one of the largest foreign investors in the Russian gold-mining industry. It has been working successfully in Russia for more than 15 years. What is the secret of company’s success, which projects are underway and what are the plans for future – Warwick Morley-Jepson, Regional Vice President of Kinross Gold Corporation answers these questions in the interview with MINEX TV.

Sustainable production of raw uranium ensures existence and development of Russia’s nuclear industry. Mikhail Leskov, Advisor to the General Director of ARMZ Uranium Holding Co discusses trends in the uranium mining industry and forecasts requirements for raw materials. He also speaks about the key areas for innovation which JSC “ARMZ is currently concentrating on.

Interview with Deputy General Director for Economy and Development of “Irigiredmet” Alexei A.Nemokaev. The main prospects of development for “Irgiredmet” and the most important design projects that the organization has recently completed.

Improving efficiency of mining projects is one of the most pressing problems faced by mining companies today. What are the ways of increasing efficiency of projects evaluation and execution; what technologies for improving the efficiency of the extraction and processing of minerals are used in current practice – the answers to these questions can be found in the interview with Alexander Polyakov, Deputy Deputy General Director, Development & Engineering in “VNIPIpromtechnologii”.

MC “Petropavlovsk” is actively engaged in the development of advanced technologies in the gold mining field. Gidrometalurgiya Research and Development Centre in cooperation with the company is developing technology which in future will allow the MC “Petropavlovsk” to significantly increase its gold production. Interview with General Director of Gidrometalurgiya Research and Development Centre Prof. Yakov Shneerson.

Environmental management, environmental protection and community relations – where is the difference & interaction between these processes? In his interview Jan Lewis, Director of Wardell Armstrong International spoks about the basic principles and elements of environmental management system and protection, and the process of integration of the management system with the overall system of administrative and production management of mining companies.

Ekaterina Vershinina, Head of Environmental Department, Principal Environmental Consultant, SRK Consulting (Russia) Limited compares differences between the systems of evaluation of environmental impact in Russia with the international requirements – EIA and ESIA.

Vasiliy Makarov, chief geologist of the MC “Arlan”, speaks about the prospects of expansion of the mineral resource base of one of the largest gold deposits in the Magadan region – Ayan-Yuryakhskoye anticlinorium. In addition, Mr. Makarov gives an overview of the main difficulties that mining company, “Pavlik” (part of MC “Arla”) faced during the implementation process.

Jonathan Guy, Director, Equity Research of RBC Capital Markets speaks about valuation trends of gold mining stocks. How are the Russian gold mining companies valued how do they compare with their peer group? Mr. Guy gives a detailed reply to these questions.

What are the opportunities of raising mining finance at the initial stage of development of mineral deposits and in the later mining stages. Comments are provided by Lydia Petrashova, Partner, Transactions & Restructuring\Metals & Mining Sector Head, Russia & CIS, KPMG in Russia & CIS.

At present IPO is one of the most popular tools for raising finance for mining companies. Does it make sense to consider the possibility of entering the public market during the crisis?; what factors must be considered to ensure the success of the IPO?; how to make the right choice of jurisdiction for holding companies – these issues were discussed in an interview with Elena Baranova from Ogier international law firm.

“MINEX Russia 2011″ provided an overview of some of the “world class” mineral development projects in Russia. George Yalovik, Head of Subsoil Use Department of the Republic of Buryatia presented investment projects in the Republic and also spoke about benefits offered to the foreign investors.

“A strong company – a strong region “- this slogan was brought to “Minex Russia 2011” Forum by CEO of GV Gold (Visochayshiy) Sergey Vasiliev. “Vysochaishiy” is a leader in gold production in the Irkutsk region. Company pays great attention not only to the development of the gold mining project, but also addresses the pressing problems of the region, as well as environmental and occupational health in the process of field development and production of minerals.

Snowden suggests to implement automation of accounting and reporting processes for improving efficiency of the mining companies in Russia. What are the benefits and results – find out more in an interview with Mr Craig Morley – CEO of Snowden.

Alexei Mojarov, Economic Affairs Officer, Special Unit on Comodities, UNCTAD presents an overview and assessment of the global iron ore market. He also speaks about the role of the UN and in particular UNTCAD in the process of evaluation of iron ore market and its prospects.

Raising finance for mining projects is one of the most topical issues for mining companies in Russia. Christine Coignard, Managing Director, HCF International Advisers talks about basic requirements for raising finance in Russia, as well as the types and sources of funding for various types of commodities and companies.

The foreign expansion of China’s mining industry – myth or reality? Viktoriya Larsson, Mineral Analyst of Raw Materials Group comments on the topic.

Jon Edwards, Deputy Head of Primary Markets – Emerging Markets, London Stock Exchange. Raising finance for mining companies in London and overview of the major investors, operating in the mining industry, evaluation of the investment climate in Russia and abroad.

Aleksei Nekrasov, Head of Solid Mineral Geology Department of Federal Subsoil Use Agency (Rosnedra) gives the regulator’s assessment of the Russian mining industry. He also speaks about evaluation of the effectiveness of the geological exploration in various regions, as well challenges and prospects for exploration in Russia in the near future.

Natalia Nikitina, Head of Mining licensing Department of MMC “Intergeo” describes the current state of the licensing system in the field of mining. She also speaks about the effect that licensing system has on the reproduction of mineral resources and how it meets the needs of the economic development.

Peter Godwin, Director of Mapping & Tenements in Intierra Resources Intelligence, presents an overview of the mining industry in Russia for 2010, and also spoks about the current investment climate.